Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Sprouted Moong Dosa Rolls

Sprouted Moong Dosa Rolls - Shreela Sasidharan


  • Dosa batter
  • Red chutney 
  • Sprouted moong sabzi
Cook sprouted moong.after applying little salt in cooker ..only 1 whistle. .drain any liquid ..allow to cool thouroghly. .or else sabzi will become mushy ( pls do not throw away the liquid b used in any curry being prepared as it's full of nutrients )

  • Heat kadai + oil +curry leaves + onions + garlic + ginger ...all CF
  • Fry well till sides of onions turn light brown...
  • Next add 1 tomato CF.
  • Fry for a few mins.
  • Add +haldi pd + sambhar pd .
  • Fry for a few mins..sprinkle little water so that everything gets bended..that's all its not a gravy dish so it will b dry.
  • Mix in the boiled moong.
  • Chk n adjust salt 
  • Now keep on slow fire fir sometime till well done 
  • Mix n remove from gas.
  • Sabzi ready


Red chutney

  • Onions ...preferably shallots + Kashmiri red chillies + a wee bit of tamarind n few curry leaves....Fry in little oil n grind to a fine paste ..Add salt to taste n mix..Tangy coz of tamarind. N spicy red chutney ready in a jiffy.
  • While serving mix in a little oil

For making these dosas

  • Heat Dosa Tawa..
  • Spread dosa batter.
  • When almost crisp..spread red chutney all over.
  • Next spread sprouted moong sabzi above the red chutney .
  • Roll into barrel shape..Roll
  • Cut as to get 4 equal pieces..
  • Can serve with abv Red chutney

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