Monday, 30 March 2015

Coffee and Chocolate Cheesecake

Coffee and Chocolate Cheesecake - Nikhila Hegde

Recipe :
Ingredients :
  • 500ml whipping cream, 
  • 200gm cream cheese, 
  • 10tbsp castor sugar, 
  • coffee powder(instant) 3tsp, 
  • 50 gms nutella, 
  • 3tbsp milk, 
  • marie biscuits 10, 
  • melted butter 50gms. 

  • Crush the marie biscuits to a fine powder, can be done in a mixer and mix with melted butter till sandy. Pour this into the tin if choice or a springform cake tin and press well. chill in fridge. 
  • Whip the cream till soft peaks form and keep aside. 
  • Beat together cream cheese, sugar and coffee till smooth. 
  • Mix both the above well without loosing the aeration, gently till uniform. 
  • Pour half of this mixture on the chilled base and allow to set in freezer for an hr. meanwhile combine nutella and milk till smooth, and keep the remaining mixture chilled(not in freezer). 
  • Once set spread nutella layer and pour remaining mixture and set in freezer over night.
  • Allow it to cool in fridge for half an hr before serving, dust it with coffee or cocoa powder. please feel free to alter the sugar and coffee. (I like my cheesecake with a hint of bitterness and not too sweet, hence i used 3 heaped teaspoons of coffee powder and 10 tbsps of sugar. if u like it sweet u can alter these ingredients, u can also skip the nutella layer n pour it all in one go.)

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