Monday, 30 March 2015

Haldi Loncha (Turmeric Pickle)

Haldi Loncha (Turmeric Pickle) - Prasad Naik

Recipe :
  • Ingredients : 
  • 250 gms Oliee (wet) Halad, 
  • 250 gms Ambe Halad, 
  • 100 gms Ginger, 
  • 1Lime Juice, 
  • 1 packet Ready Pickle Masala, 
  • 4 tbsp Oil, 
  • 1 tsp Hing, 
  • 1 tsp Rai. 
  • Both Haladi Roots & Ginger, Skin to be scraped off and then Grated. Keep them dry on Kitchen Towel for a while. Mix all three ingredients and keep aside. 
  • In a Vessel take oil and give Tadka of Hing and Rai in hot Oil. Let the Tadka come to room temperature. Add the grated, both Haldi and Ginger in room temperature Tadka by adding Lime Juice and full packet of Readymade Pickle Masala Powder. 
  • Add salt if required as per taste as Pickle Masala Powder contains Salt. Mix well so that Grated Ingredients, Tadka and Masala is well blended. Your Haldi Pickle is ready to store in Airtight bottle.
  • Do not use any water in entire process. It can spoil your Pickle.
  • Always use dry spoon for taking out the pickle. 
  • Pickle can be stored in Airtight bottle in a fridge for a month or two. 
  • Any Readymade pickle masala powder can be used, as every region gets different brands of pickle Masalas. 
  • Grated Haldi and Ginger need to be absolutely dry, not to wash with water as you would be scrapping off the root skin.

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