Sunday, 19 April 2015

Paala Payasam

Paala Payasam - Nutan Shenoy Kini

Recipe :
  • Boil a litre of whole milk. To that add a fistful of washed rice. Place few spoons and an inverted katori in the vessel. 
  • Put water in the cooker. Keep the grid. Place the milk vessel inside. Dont put the whistle. Put on flame. When you see steam coming out of the vent, reduce flame to sim n let it be on for 45 min to an hour. 
  • Let the cooker cool on its own. Open. You ll see the cream colour that you see at Iyer weddings and a lovely thick texture. 
  • Add sugar n cardamon powder. Mix well. Garnish with dry fruits of your choice sauted in lil ghee and a few saffron strands pre-soaked in warm milk. Serve hot or cold. It tastes yummmm.

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