Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Bangada Loncha or Tikhala

Bangada Loncha or Tikhala - Prasad Naik

Recipe : 
  • Roast 15 Bedgi Mirchi and 1/2 cup of coriander seeds. Keep aside till it cools. Take one full cup of Garlic Pods and 1/2 big onion chopped, 4 pods of Tirphala, 1/2 tsp of Haldi and Lime size Tamarind ball. Place all ingredients in a Grinder and make a Orangish Red paste. 
  • In Kadhai heat up 3 tbsp of oil, saute 1/2 big onion fine chopped till it's brown, add the grounded paste in to it till it boils and leaves the aroma of Garlic. 
  • Add salt to taste, add the Bangda pcs into it till fish is cooked. Add 12 seeds of Tirphala. Keep the lid for 2 min. Put off the gas and Loncha/ Tikhala is ready.
Note : It's very spicy Recipe and Goes well with plain Daal and Rice or just with Rice. It can stay in fridge for a week or 10 days. It's better to eat it next day as Bangda absorbs the Tirphala flavour. It's real yummy...

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