Sunday, 19 April 2015

Dry Kaju Pakoda

Dry Kaju Pakoda - Anuradha Mudalgiri Kamath

1) 200 GRAM Besan

2) 50 GRAM Urud floor
3) 1 big cup cashew bits
4) 1 tbsp cumin seeds
5) 1.1/2 "ginger paste
6) 8-10 green chilli paste,
7 1 big catch curry leaves
8..salt to taste

 1.Take a kadai and add oil and fry the curry leaves,remove from oil and keep it aside.
2.In the same oil saute ginger and green chilly paste and switch off the stove
3. When the masala gets that add urad floor,besan,3/4 of saute curry leaves along with cashew bits and salt.
4.Make small balls out of this mix and steam it like idlies for 5 mins.
5.Lastly fry these steamed ghatte in oil and keep it aside
6.Lastly add curry leaves on top and serve hot.
This dry cashew pakoda recipe is taken from a gujarati tv channel. 

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