Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Traditional Bangdyache Tepla Ambat

Traditional Bangdyache Tepla Ambat  -  Riya Nayak

Paste-2 cups coconut,
15 red chillies,
1 table spoon tamarind,
half tea spoon haldi powder grind very finely..

marinate 6 bangda fish with salt & keep aside for 1 hour.

Gravy -
Take a pan,but the paste into it ,then add water to give it medium consistency, then crush 10-12 tepal & add to gravy..let it to simmer,now add marinated bangda into gravy after cooking it for 5 mins ,put half haldipan into gravy & cook for 5 mins more,lastly pour 2 tsp fresh coconut oil & put d lid of pan for 2mins..The gravy is ready to serve with steamed rice & fried fish..

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