Saturday, 11 April 2015

Kurkure Karela

Kurkure Karela - Prasad Naik

Recipe :
  • Scrape the Karela lightly, Slit Vertically, take out the seeds if not tender, then cut into horizontal pcs. So you get semi circle pcs. Now massage the pcs gently with Salt and keep aside for 15 minutes. 
  • Then squeeze out the Bitter Green Water, rince it out with water again and then dry the Karela pcs. 
  • Now add Haldi Powder,Red Chilli Powder and Salt, mix well and coat the pcs.
  • In a dish take Rice Flour and add Masala coated Karela pcs, dust out extra Rice Flour and deep fry in Kadhai oil on medium flame till they get golden brown. 
  • Take them out and let it cool down a bit so they become nice and crunchy. 
  • Your Kurkure Karela is ready to serve. This is accompanied by simple Daal and Rice, tastes heaven. 

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