Thursday, 5 May 2016

Trikoni Paratha

Trikoni Paratha - Suresh Sawant

Wheat flour 2 cups
Corn flour 1 / 2 tspoons
Salt and sugar as per taste
Hot oil 2 tspoons
As usual prepare a dough and
Rest it for 10minutes.
Again Knead it .Add little oil if required. When done soft alike
Make med sized balls
Take one ball and roll it as a big poori
Apply oil allover it and sprinkle atta on it
Then at first fold Iike half circle. Then again fold it. Now the shape will be triangular
Roll it as usually paratha is made
Heat a tawa. Now put gas on medium flame
Put rolled paratha.
Very first roast from both the sides
Now put gas on sim
Apply desi ghee on paratha from both the sides
Now roast it till the golden coloured spots are seen on paratha.
Remove from gas.
As like make rest of parathas
So this is very simple recipe for Triangular Paratha

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