Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Fish Tikhala

Fish Tikhala - Suresh Sawant

Fish Mandeli 10 / 15 pcs. Marinated with salt for half an hour. Then washed and drained.
Ingredients are same as like used for curry preparation

Bedgi chillies 3 / 4 or as req
Kashmiri red chillies3 / 4 or as req
Turmeric one small pce
Dry coriander 2 t spoons or as req Tamrind small qty or as req
Soaked in little water for 10 / 15 minutes
Then added
Grated Fresh coconut half /1 cup or as req
Onion chopped small sized 1
Garlic flakes 3 / 4
Green coriander little
Black peeper 3 / 4
minutes seeds few
And grinded to a somewhat rough consistency. Keep aside.
Garlic flakes 2 crushed
Curry leaves few
Onion chooped 1tspoon
Salt as per taste
Kokam petals 2 or as req
Oil 2 / 3 t spoons or as req
Green coriander for garnishing
In a kadhai add oil and heat it.
Add garlic crushed and saute for a minute.
Add onion and saute till become golden coloured. Add curry leaves and saute a little.
Add grinded paste and saute till the rawness ends. Add little water and cook it for 2 / 3 minutes.
Now add salt Kokam petals and mix well.
Wait for 2 minutes. Put gas on sim now.
Add fish pcs and mix with soft hands.
Let it be cooked for 2 / 3 minutes as fish cooks in very less time.
Now transfer to a serving bowl. Garnish with green corriander and Serve hot
Fish Tikhala

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