Sunday, 10 April 2016

Jeera Rice

Jeera Rice - Suresh Sawant

Rice 2 cups as per choice
Kolam or Basmati rice any will do.
Washed and soaked in water for 1 hour
Then drained. Keep aside
Tempering of
Jeera1 t spoon
Dalchini 1 med piece
B Peeper 3 / 4
Cloves 2
Bay leaves 2
Leamon juice 2 t spoons
Sugar pinch of
salt as per taste
Desi ghee 2 t spoons
Oil for preparation

In a kadhai add enough oil and heat it
Add Jeera and other whole spices and fry till the aroma spreads
Add rice and saute till become free flowing and non sticky.
Add salt and 3 cups of hot water or as req.
Wait till it reaches to a boil.
Put gas on sim now.
Cover the kadhai and wait for 2 / 3 minutes .
Now remove the cover . you will see the water portion is almost dried
Just saute the rice with soft hands.
Again cover it and wait for 2 / 3 minutes more.
Now add Leamon juice sugar and mix well.
Again cover and wait for 2 more minutes.
Pour desi ghee allover the rice . Keep covered .
After 2 minutes put off the gas.
Wait for just 5 minutes.
Now you can transfer it to a serving plate. Your Jeera Rice is ready to serve.

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