Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Cabbage Sanna Khotto in Banana Leaf

Cabbage Sanna Khotto in Banana Leaf - Prathima Pai
Rcp: Bharathi kamath

1cup raw rice, 1 fistful chana dal, I fistful tur dal, 20 red byadgi chillies, lemon sized tamarind, 2 tsp table salt, 2 fist full coconut grated, cabbage n onion in 2:1 proportion.
Soak dals together for 11/2 hour. Now grind coconut , chillies, tamarind n salt. When ground add rice n daal. Make fine rawa. Mix cabbage n onion chopped. Heat steamer. Now apply some coconut oil to banana leaf. Put the batter of vada consistency at the centre Roll on like envelope. Steam for 15 mnts. Serve hot.

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