Thursday, 14 April 2016

Ragi Hurihittu Balls

Ragi Hurihittu Balls - Shamala Bhat

Wash Ragi untill water runs clean. 

Step 1.Soak Ragi in water or Buttermilk for an hour or two. Drain water and spread it on a clean towel for 5 mins. 
Step 2. Take 1-2 spoons of wet Ragi on a hot pan and fry till Ragi pops like popcorn. It takes approximately 40-50sec for the Ragi to start popping. Once Ragi pops, transfer to a plate. Let it cool.
Step 3: Powder Ragi in your coffee grinder or mixer grinder. Store this flour in an airtight container.
Ragi Hurihittu made with soaking ragi in buttermilk lends darker color to Ragi when fried compared to Ragi soaked in water. 

1. Ragi coconut balls

Take a cup of Hurihittu, add 1/4 th cup fresh grated coconut, grate a 1/2 cup of Jaggery or 2 tbs spoon sugar,2 tsp ghee and sprinkle 2 tsp milk and press it to make balls. They taste heavenly. And its very good for small kids.
My daughter loved it and ate as ragi chocolate. 

2. Ragi Hurihittu Majiige, ( ragi huri hittu in butter milk.)
Take a glass of buttermilk and mix a tablespoon of hurihittu, add a pinch of salt , garnish with ginger and coriander add ice cubes and drink it. It is supposed to be very good for health in summer.

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