Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Jhatpat Stuffed Brinjal

Jhatpat Stuffed Brinjal - Sabitha Shenoy

Wash and make 4 lengthwise slits (should not be so deep that it will cut the brinjal into two!) in brinjal , cut the stalk leaving 1" length attached to brinjal and soak in water. (12 small and tender brinjals). Take 2 big onions and chop finely. Add 2 tsp of spicy chilly powder or as per your liking, and salt. (a tsp of oil and amchoor can be added if you do not want the brinjal to be very spicy or else just two ingredients) Mix well and stuff into the slit brinjals. Now take 2 tbsp. of oil, add mustard seeds and urid dal (curry leaves opt.) when they splutter add the stuffed brinjal and the leftover onion mixture on the top. cover and simmer,Gently toss in between and cook till done.once cooked, Oil can be seen at the sides and the brinjals become soft. Garnish with cor leaves (opt) and serve hot. Jatpat ,very spicy and tasty.

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