Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Ricoz - Malathi Bhandarkar

Soak a cup of udid dal for 4 1/2hrs.
grind with little hing, 1tsp aniseeds, chilli powder and salt . 
Now boil water in a vessel 3cup appro.drop this dry paste with a spoon or hand little by little it cooks in 5 to 7 min check if cooked . Remove n keep aside . 

grind 2 onions, 
garlic 6cloves 
ginger little
coriander powder,
chilli powder. 
Haldi 1tsp 
aniseeds half tsp 
garam masala little
n salt .

Take oil in a pan add 1bay leaf
1inch dal .piece 3 cloves
half tsp or less methi seeds ..
fry add d ground masala n fry till oil seperates add 3tsp curds n d stock o fcooked dal u can also add d remaining paste . Bring to boil add cooked dal pieces .cook for 2 min .serve hot .

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