Thursday, 5 May 2016

Channa in Tomato Gravy.

Channa in Tomato Gravy - Prasad Naik  

Soak Channa overnight, wash and pressure cook in a Pressure Cooker by adding 4 glasses of water and salt with 3 whistles, keep the Channa Stock Separate and Boiled Channa Separate.

Now in a Kadhai make 4 Onions Brown with 1 tbsp of Oil, add 4 Fine Chopped Tomatoes and 2 tbsp of Coriander Seeds. Sauté till Tomatoes are cooked well and rawness goes. Now grind this mixture to paste and keep aside.

Now in same Kadhai take 2 tbsp of Oil, 2 Tejpatta, 2 Clove, 1 inch Dalchini & 5 Black Papper Corn. Fry them well till you get an aroma. Add 2 tsp of Garlic Paste, 1 tsp of Ginger Paste, 1 tsp of Garam Masala, 1 tsp of Red Chili Powder, 1/2 tsp of Haldi & sauté for a minute. Then add the Onion-Tomato-Coriander Seed grounded paste and Cooked Channa with 2 glasses of Channa Stock. Sauté and mix everything well & close the lid till you get one boil. The 4 Tomatos would give nice colour to the Gravy. Add salt to taste as while boiling the Channas we have added Salt.
Take one more boil and your Channa in Tomato Gravy is ready. Serve by garnishing with Fresh Coriander.

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