Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Simple Rava Upama with Gajar

Simple Rava Upama with Gajar ( Carrot) cubes - Prasad Naik

To make Upma you need Roasted Rava. It starts with tadka in a Kadai of Kadipatta, Green Chillies, Haldi, Rai & Udad Daal. 
Then add 1 fine chopped Onion, 1 fine chopped Tomato & Carrot Cubes. 
Saute till Onion is translucent & Tomato is cooked well.
Now add1 1/2 glass of water and let it boil with tadka.
Once the water boils, start adding Roasted Rava slowly in it and keep staring till it gets Pluffed and Cooked well. Then add Lime Juice & Salt. Garnish with Fresh Chopped Coriander, Shev & Farsan. Your Garam Garam Upama is ready to serve

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