Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Dal Sheng

Dal Sheng - Suresh Sawant

Sheng means Drumstick 

It's a very Simple non spicy preparation.
Tuar dal half cup
Moong dal half cup
Both mixed and soaked in water for 10 / 12 minutes. Then added turmeric powder Little and asafoetida pinch of and pressure cooked.
Drumsticks pcs few Boiled in salty water.

Onion chopped 2 t spoons
Garlic flakes 3 / 4
Cumin seeds half t spoon
Green coriander little
Green chillies 3 / 4
Grated Fresh coconut 2 t spoons.
Take all above items and grind to a fine paste.
Tempering of Mustard seeds
Cumin seeds Fenugreek seeds
Asafoetida pinch of
Green chillies 2 but optional
Red dry chillies 2 Curry leaves few

Salt and sugar as per taste
Tamrind pulp 1 / 2 tspoons or as req
Oil 2 t spoons for preparation
In a thick bottom pot add oil and heat it. Add tadaka items and fry a little Add onioncoconutpaste and saute till the rawness ends. Add tamrind pulp and saute a minute. Add enough water and let it be reaches to a boil. Put gas on sim now. Add cooked dal drumstick pcs salt sugar and wait for 2 / 3 minutes.
When done transfer to a serving bowl. Garnish with green coriander and serve hot Dal Sheng

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