Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Red Pumpkin Poories

Red Pumpkin Poories - Suresh Sawant

Red Pumpkin grated 2 cups
If not available can be taken yellow also.
Jaggery 1/2 cups or as required
Wheat flour 2 / 3 cups or as required
Nutmeg Powder qtr t spoon
Fenal seeds crushed 1 t spoon

In a kadhai add grated pumpkin and jaggery and cook it on low flame.
When done add nutmeg powder and fenal seeds rough crush.
Let it be cooled.

Now add wheat flour accordingly and make a perfect dove.
Rest it for 20 minutes.
Now make medium sized somewhat thick poories.
Heat oil in kadhai. Now put gas on medium.
Fry the poories one by one from both the sides .Sprinkle hot oil on poories so they will be nicely puffed.
Fry all poories till become slight golden brown.
When done transfer to a tissue paper plate.
Your Gharge /Sweet Poories are ready to serve.

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