Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Aachaari Chicken

Aachaari Chicken - Prasad Naik
Marination :
Marinate 1 kg Chicken pcs with 2 tbsp Aachaar Masala ( Ready Made Masala ) we took "Ke Pra" Brand Masala. ( You may take any Brand which is available in General Store ), Ginger Garlic paste 1 tbsp. Keep aside for an hour.
Brown Paste : Now in Kadhai heat 2 tbsp of Oil and add 4 vertical slit Onions, 2 slit Tomatoes, 5 Bedgi Dry Chillis, 1 tsp Khaskhas and fry till they turn Brown. After cooling make paste of these ingredients in a mixer adding 2 glass of water. 

In a Pan heat 1 tbsp of Oil and add 1Tejpatas, 1 tsp of Rai, 3 Cloves, 5 Black Pepper Corn & 1\2 inch Sinamon. Once you get the Aroma of Khada Masala, add marinated Chicken Pcs with 1 glass Water. Let it cook with lid on for 10 min. Add Brown Paste. Add salt to taste and take 2 boils till Chicken is Cooked well. Squeeze one Lime and garnish with fresh coriander. Your Aromatic Aachaari Chicken is ready to serve. You can enjoy with Bhakri, Fulkas or Plain Rice.

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