Sunday, 6 March 2016

Ragi Bhakari

Ragi Bhakari - Suresh Sawant

Nachani /Ragi flour 2/3 cups around
Salt as per taste
Warm water as required
In a big flat plate add flour salt and mix well. Add little water and make a perfect dove. Add little water time to time while preparing the dove.
When it is ready then make med sized balls.
Dust the surface of place where Bhakari is to be made.
Keep the ball on dusty surface and roll it with soft hands.
Roll it somewhat thick.
In the meantime heat tawa. When heated put gas on medium or high.
Place the rolled bhakari on tawa and add little water on surface of bhakari alover itself.
Now turn the Bhakari and let it be roasted for a minute or as req
Now place the bhakari on high flame. When it done transfer to a serving plate.
Your Ragi Bhakari is ready to serve

NOTE You can add little rice flour with Ragi flour. So the Bhakari becomes soft.

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