Sunday, 3 January 2016

Gola Bhaat (गोळा भात) with Tomato Soup

Gola Bhaat (गोळा भात) with Tomato Soup - Swapnil Sudhir Kashikar

Gola: in a deep pan saute besan with oil/ghee till aroma comes out..add crushed peanuts,fresh chopped green coriander, turmeric,red chilli powder,jeera,garam masala,little sugar,salt to taste... saute more and keep it it down a bit and add lemon mix it well to form a dough using very little water...make balls/laddo of it and in the deep pan heat oil and add rai/jeera,dried whole red chillis,curry leafs/godlimb and add these balls and cover the pan lid on low flame..after 5 minutes its done!

Bhaat/Rice: Ususal drill...wash rice with water and keep it aside for half hour,now in a pan heat oil/ghee and saute this rice for a cooker pot cook rice usual 1cup rice=2cups water and add little red chilli powder and lemon juice... now why all this? because after this rice will not stick to each other and will have a glaze. after 3 to 4 whistles its Done!

Tomato soup: did shortcut here, boil tomatoes..take out skin..cut from the middle to deseed it..cut them fine and add it to boiling water..later add quick soup tomato packets which are available easily in any grocery store..mix it well till boiling point.. its done.

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