Sunday, 3 January 2016

Egg Vindaloo n Rice

Egg Vindaloo n Rice - Nutan Shenoy-Kini

Boil 6 eggs. Put gashes.Puree 3- 4 tomatoes. Keep aside. In a pan, heat oil, add cinamon whole stick broken into small pieces n jeera. Saute for a while. Add a cup n half of chopped onions n fry till golden brown. Now add 2 to 21/2 tsp gg paste n fry well. Add slit green chillies. Fry. Add a tsp of spicy chilly pwdr n another of kashmiri chilly pwdr together with a teaspoon full of garam Masala. Saute well.Add tomato puree and fry till it leaves sides of pan. This dish requires a lil more of oil. Now pour hot water as per desired consistency. Add a tsp of vinegar n sugar each. Mix well. Let it cook till u see an emulsion of oil.Add in the boiled eggs.Cover n cook till done.

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