Monday, 4 January 2016

Bottle Cake

Bottle Cake - Nutan Shenoy-Kini

I cut a rectangular piece in the centre of the bottle lengthwise. Double boiled choco bar and poured the melted chocolate inside, in a manner, as to cover all sides of the bottle up the neck of the bottle. Kept it in the freezer to set. Before that, I made two slits on the sides of the neck of the bottle, bcz that part is harder and difficult to excavate the cake. After the first layer of chocolate froze, I moistened the cut pieces of cake on one side, and placed that moistened part touching the frozen chocolate layer so as to keep it in place. Then covered the entire neck portion tightly with crumbled cake. Then put a layer of whipped cream n castor su
gar. Followed it with pieces of cake alternating till I reached the cut rectangular part. Once the entire bottle was full, I covered the surface with a layer of thick melted chocolate. Sealed the nevk of the bottle with silver foil, and set it in the freezer to freeze, with the cut rectangular part up. Next morning, it was well frozen. I cut the bottle from the rectangular part to the slit in the neck on both sides. That opened up almost 3/4ths of one side. Did the same process on the other side. So the top portion was completely open. Slowly loosened the bottom portion n got the entire bottle of cake. Put the lid on n just covered tightly with the thums up flap n clicked a pic. Cut the bottom n clicked another pic n then tasted was super yummmm. Would beat any black forest cake.

Now coming to the cake. I crumbled 4 packets each of hide n seek choco flavour n Parle G biscuits. Blended them in the mixer, with a cup of milk, a packet of flavourless eno fruit salt, and a cup of sugar. Greased a tin n let it bake till done.

For cutting the bottle, plz buy a thermocol cutter. It makes the process easy. The link shows her using a pair of scissors. It can get very messy is what I feel. Especially, the tough neck part of the bottle. The cake won't come out clean. Do try it ....happy baking !!

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