Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Lohsun vodi/garlic Sandige

Lohsun vodi/garlic Sandige - Nutan Shenoy-Kini
Garlic/Lohsun Sandige recipe
For a kg of rice flour, add a quarter kg of soaked n squeezed n ground poha. Add enough water, ratio is 3 mixture to 31/2 water. Add chilly powder n salt to taste. Keep the mixture on sim gas n keep stirring. It shud not stick to the bottom. It shud look translucent like when v make rice roti. Cover n keep at night. In the morning, add quarter kg chopped garlic to the mixture n mix well. Put small spooonfulls on plastic sheet n let it dry in good sunlight. After a day or two turn sides of the sandiges n let it dry well
Store when well dried. Deep fry n eat during monsoon.I chopped garlic in foodpro.

Onion Sandige/vodi

For these sandiges the ratio is half kg chopped onions to a kg of rice n quarter poha. Method is the same. U can pour chopped onions on the mixture when the mixture is hot n keep it covered overnight. But do not try that with garlic because it gets burnt when you fry it.

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