Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Phenori - Vidya Nayak Shenoy

This recipe is from Jaya V Shenoy's book...For 1 cup maida add 5 tbsp chiroti rawa+ 1/4 cup butter n little salt .. make a fine dough like v make for pooris.. prepare sugar syrup add cardamom pd.... for this I have prepared from 1 cup sugar...Now make pooris..without applying any flour..apply a little ghee to the poori place one poori over the other leaving a space of 1/2 inch.. roll tightly... now cut into bits of 1 inch.. now roll the poori from the inner side where u can see the rings.. make it gently deep fry in hot oil till crisp ( not the reddish one ).. when cool dip in sugar syrup for 2 mins. apply ghee to a plate n place all the sugar dipped pooris.. when cool store in a container

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