Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Avial - Suresh Sawant

It's a traditional South Indian Delicacy.
Vegetables like raw banana String Beans yam pumpkin carrot Big cucumber snake guard drumstick in equal quantity .
Cleaned peeled washed and cut to a equal length of more than one inch.
In a big pot add cut vegs. Add half quantity of water around to the vegs quantity. Add salt as per taste and qtr t spoon turmeric water. Put on a gas and let the vegs be cooked. Just saute in between. When half cooked put gas on sim.
Take cumin seeds 1t spoon
Cumin seeds or as req Green chillies or as req
Grated fresh coconut 1 cup or as req
Take thease three items and grind to a coarsed. Add 1 cup soar yogurt and grind a little
Add this mixture to the vegs. Mix well and cook for 2 minutes.
Now add few curry leaves and 2 tspoons of coconut oil and mix well. After 2 /3 minutes. Put off the gas. Transfer to a serving bowl. Your Avial is ready to serve with plain rice.

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