Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Aappam - Sarita Bhat

( Kerala dosa,in my way)
Raw Rice...21/2 cup
Leftover cooked Rice 1 cup
Coconut gratings 1cup
Coconut or Tender coconut water 1cup
Sugar 1tsp
& Salt to taste
Aappam kadai
Lil oil.
1Take coconut water in to a bowl,Add tsp of Sugar & Take a one boil.And keep this for fermanting atlest 7 hours.
2.Soak the Rice atleast 3 hours.Later grind with cooked Rice,coconut gratings,Fermanted coconut water,Grind to a fine paste.Add appropriate water,and batter should not be too thick & not too thin.And keep this batter for overnight atleast 8 to 10 hours.If good ferment that means good Dosa.
3.Next day morning add salt to taste,mix it well.If batter is thick add lil water.
4 Take out the Aappam ,you need NONSTICK AAPPAM KADAI .It come out very well.
5.Heat aappam kadai on medium heat ,pour 11/2 laddle of batter Hold the both hand of the kadai & turn whole kadai one round,Batter spread evenly on kadai.Cover the lid,flame should be medium.when you can see the side of the aappam came golden colour & crispy then take out from kadai ,This will come out very easily.No need any spatula.serve hot with ,Chutny,Veg stew,Chicken curry or mutton.
Enjoy ! Happy Cooking💐

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