Monday, 7 December 2015

Kaju Matar Masala

Kaju Matar Masala - Nishmitha Preethesh Bhandarkar

First 3 big tomatoes put into cooker and take 4 visils and make into paste.In a pan add butter or oil 2 tablespoon add jeera,then ginger garlic paste 1 tsp and fry.Add oniona2 laterally choppedfry ,till light brown,add capsicum,Gobi and fry.Then add coriander prhalf tsp+jeera prhalf+chilly PR2to3tsp+garam ma pr1tsp+kitchen king masala halftsp+haldi pr half +2 green chilly and fry.add tomato puree and fry till oil discharges.Add green pess,vegetables boiled and half cup of milk and soaked cashew paste.add water if necessary. Lastly add coriander leaves, milk sayi or fresh cream and cashew pieces fried in ghee.boil in a slow flame for 5 mts.Now kaju mutter gobi masala ready to serve.
U can make it in mushroom or babycorn corn or paneer...I dint had Gobi so skipped it....
Please try truly a yummy one

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