Wednesday 1 February 2017

Coffee Custard

Coffee Custard - Nutan Shenoy-Kini

1.Milk half litre,
3.Milkmaid sweet condensed milk-1 tin 395 grams
4.Nescafe 2 tsp,
5.Powdered sugar 1 cup, 

6.Vanilla essence 1 tsp.

For caram
el : 

Method :
1.Mix Nescafe with a little warm milk and keep it aside.
2.Caramelise the sugar in a pudding mould.
3.Beat all the ingredients in a mixer.
4.Then add the Nescafe mix. Mix it well.
5.Pour it into a caramelised mould.
6.Cover it with an aluminium foil, then steam it in cooker without whistle or double boiling system.

7.Steam it for 20mins
8.Cool it n refrigerate it 15 min.
9.Unmould it and serve.

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